Frequently Asked Questions

Crabgrass will germinate when soil temperatures are consistently 55-60 degrees at a depth of 2 inches. Call us to find out more about our Fertilizer Program.

The best times to aerate are in the spring (April – May) and fall (September – October), during times of active growth.

Removing the grass clippings each time you mow is unnecessary. You should recycle your clippings back into the turf. Removing the clippings will require an additional 25% more fertilizers to maintain color and quality comparable to that of turf that has had clipping returned with each mowing.

Weeds naturally occur. To eliminate weeds, a combination of methods is most effective. You can eliminate existing weeds by applying a post emergent herbicide. Alone this will prove ineffective; you will also want to create a thick healthy lawn through proper fertilizer applications and by following recommended mowing and watering methods.

However, keep in mind, you still may find a weed or two.

During the spring, the first two applications of a pre-emergence will prevent the germination of new seed. For smaller problem areas in the spring, the most effective method is to install new sod. For larger areas, Everything Green can develop an alternative program for your first season.

Our applications occur approximately every six weeks. Included in all our programs is a complete broadleaf weed control application and a preventive insecticide.

As a general rule of thumb, 24 hours. You will know an application has occurred because of the placement of our lawn application sign near the corner of the driveway. We recommend that the applied products be watered in and dry before you allow extensive use of the treated area by pets or children. We anticipate no problem if the pet is going out and coming right in.

Improving your lawn, trees and shrubs starts at the roots. Do you have an issue? We can help diagnose the problem and start a treatment plan to get you results. Let’s get started today!